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 [07/03/2012] Interview with Fraser for Startrack Crush

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[07/03/2012] Interview with Fraser for Startrack Crush Empty
PostSubject: [07/03/2012] Interview with Fraser for Startrack Crush   [07/03/2012] Interview with Fraser for Startrack Crush Icon_minitimeWed Mar 07, 2012 11:51 pm

Here is an interview with Fraser for Startrack Crush

Quote :
1. Why did you decide to record your album in Thailand and How was the recording?
We were given the option of potentially recording in Thailand a few months prior of going out. It was either recording the album in East London (Where we recorded AOKAD), and Karma Studio’s in Thailand, so when we heard that it was financially viable record in Thailand, it was a pretty easy decision for us!
The recording process was an unreal experience, and one that none of us will forget. We had complete access to a state of the art recording studio in what was a paradise setting. Being fortunate to record in such beautiful surroundings definitely made the whole recording process a lot easier. Having said that, of course it wasn’t all plain sailing and we had some challenges but it was made a lot easier by the environment we were in.

2. What are your best and your worst memories during the recording?
Best memory of recording was hearing back the mixes that Dan our producer had given us after each song was completed. Hearing it through the studio speakers really did the songs justice and I just remember it being a very exciting time.
The worst memory is a lot harder to think of, because I’m finding it hard picking one! Nothing to do with the actual recording process but whilst we were out we went to a local market and I was made to eat a fried silk worm and it was brutally disgusting! Never again! Great memory though, but would never go near them again.

3. What inspired you during the writing of Bones?
For me, it was a mix of bands that I love and some other music that I was listening to at the time. I think it’s important to actively listen to new music or read more books etc to open up new ways of thinking. Apart from musical influences, I know Gus was influenced by memories from the past, good and bad, and some of the songs on the album will translate these different moods.

4. What is your favorite song on the album and why ?
I always find picking one favorite really hard, as it’s constantly changing depending on mood. I would say, out of the new songs that we play live so far « Towers » has been my favorite to play live, but when listening to the record I tend to play « Broadfields » quite a lot, mainly because it’s different to anything we’ve written before.

5. What was your inspiration for the artwork cover?
We had a vague idea before we approached our designer Paul Jackson (tankaxelove), of a subject that was made to look vulnerable and bare. In this case, a naked woman being elevated in the air, displayed a image of vulnerability we were looking for. A lot of the lyrics in Bones suit the image of the artwork.

6. Are you planning gigs in France?
Indeed! We have 3 shows in April on our headline run over in Mainland Europe, and we’re stoked about coming back! We love playing in France, and we get treated very well by promoters and the fans that come to our shows so it’s nothing but a great experience every time we come over! We all love French food too, so that’s an added bonus!

7. A few words for your French fans?
Thank you for your continuous support, it really is amazing! Especially, our French street team that travel to every show in the UK and mainland Europe – that is dedication! To all our new fans and followers, hope you like our new record and we hope to see you all at a show soon! Much love.

Love for the last answer!
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[07/03/2012] Interview with Fraser for Startrack Crush
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