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 [23-05-2012] Young Guns: Baring their bones for Sludge Factory

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[23-05-2012] Young Guns: Baring their bones for Sludge Factory Empty
PostSubject: [23-05-2012] Young Guns: Baring their bones for Sludge Factory   [23-05-2012] Young Guns: Baring their bones for Sludge Factory Icon_minitimeFri May 25, 2012 8:16 pm

Quote :
English rockers YOUNG GUNS are currently in the country touring with TONIGHT ALIVE. They’ve also recently released a new track, ‘Dearly Departed’ from their album ‘Bones’. Robyn Morrison caught up with vocalist Gustav Wood at the beginning of their Australian tour.

At the time of chatting to Wood, they’d already played one show in Melbourne with TONIGHT ALIVE. I asked him to share the vibe on that show. “It was really good,” he responds. “We came over last year and did Soundwave’s Counter Revolution. It was really good fun and it was good to get a taste of playing shows in Australia, but this really feels like the beginning of our band’s life in the country. We’re all about playing small intimate shows, talking and connecting with people and trying to build up our fan base from the ground up.”‘Bones’ is the second full-length album for the band. Wood shares some insight into the writing process for the release. “Traditionally, the 5 of us write together by jamming something out. Often someone will have a progression or a melody or an idea but it’s a very democratic process. Of course, that means 5 people painting one picture can be quite a laborious thing. It can take quite a long time to align everyone’s ideas about how the song should sound. It ends up being a good way to do it because everyone feels they have ownership over the song.”

“When it comes to writing lyrics, I’m always trapped in the idea that I feel I have to be honest,” continues Wood. “That boils down to never seeming like I can write about something I don’t understand and can’t relate to myself. It’s hard for me to write a generic love song. My songs are always a short summary of things that have happened to me in my life; a loss of loved ones or not being happy with your lot in life. Self-analysis is what songs have to be about and it’s definitely no different for us.”

Wood goes on to explain that his approach to songwriting is a kind of therapy for him. “I don’t realise I’ve had a thought about a particular thing or feel a certain way until I’ve written a song. It does go back to that feeling that I have to tell the truth when I’m writing songs. It can be a bit awkward when you’re writing songs about things that are important to you.”

‘Learn My Lesson’ was the first single in their home country. Wood explains further. “We shot a video for it and put it online. It wasn’t really a massive single. Then we released a second single, ‘Bones’, which was the big first single from the record and we were lucky that it connected with people back home. We’re now stepping up to our third single release, ‘Dearly Departed.’ One thing about the new record is that we wanted to make sure we did things we hadn’t done before. We had an idea that we wanted this second album to be lean.”

“I came up with the line, ‘I want to be the last thing you see. Be my Dearly Departed.’ I liked the idea that love can be a destructive thing as much as it can be a positive thing. It’s possible to love someone or something to the point it can be a destructive force. I liked the fact there was a duality in the words. It was a stab at writing a love song with a dark twist. Originally we were going to have me in the video being killed in different ways, which didn’t work out in the end,” he laughs.

Talking about how they went about choosing the songs on the album, Wood says the group is an opinionated bunch. “There’s always a bit of pain in doing something creative. I think that fundamental pain is always a part of the process. It’s always hard to get the right sound but in the end I think you try and make everyone as happy as you can.”

YOUNG GUNS are no strangers to touring with TONIGHT ALIVE as they’ve teamed up on the tour circuit before. “They actually came and supported us in the UK. When we released our album in February, we decided to take it back to basics. We’d been on tour doing the bigger shows but for the release of this album, we wanted do something a little more special. We booked 3 weeks in these tiny little club rooms; 150 – 300 capped rooms, and TONIGHT ALIVE came over and supported us on that run of shows. We had some headline shows booked for over here but it wasn’t working out financially, so they came to the rescue as the support on this tour. We’re hoping that this tour will allow us to come back later in the year and do some headline shows.”

After Australia, it’s off to Japan for the GUNS. “We’ve never been so that’s a big thing ticked off. We’re going to start writing the third record,” he says, on their return home. “Then it’s festival season so we’re playing a few UK festivals. We’ve also signed an American record deal so we’ll be going over there at some point.”

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[23-05-2012] Young Guns: Baring their bones for Sludge Factory
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