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 [01/12/2011] Young Guns take over the @KerrangTV twitter

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[01/12/2011] Young Guns take over the @KerrangTV twitter Empty
PostSubject: [01/12/2011] Young Guns take over the @KerrangTV twitter   [01/12/2011] Young Guns take over the @KerrangTV twitter Icon_minitimeFri Dec 02, 2011 3:04 am

Quote :

Young Guns : We're taking over the @KerrangTV twitter!! Yg x

@lucyellis95 : Why do you have to do a tour when I am on holiday ?
Young Guns : sorry! We’ll be touring again soon, or cancel the holiday, that’s real dedication…

@ClippedWingss : What inspired you to write “there will be rain”? that song means a lot to me
Young Guns : I wanted to write a song about remaining hopeful and weathering the storms that life throws at you. Wrote it in the car!

@SynysterZebraYG : Are you looking forward to spending time with new (and old) fans a bit more now you’re doing a tour of small venues again?
Young Guns : yeah! That’s why we’re doing it. Make sure you spend extra time talking to John!

@dannyhamer656 : hey young guns. What’s your favorite band to tour with and why?
Young Guns : that’s a tough one, it’s a 3 way tie, maybe Deaf Havana, All Time Low and Yellowcard.

@LumosLemon : Hey guys, got any New Year Resolutions?
Young Guns : to tour the U.S and Japan

@brok3nwings_ : will you be playing Kingston next year?
Young Guns : yes we’re playing two shows at the Fighting Cocks in Feb but they’re both sold out

@brok3nwings_ : where do you prefer recording your album?
Ben : Weirdly gonna go with Thailand for that one…

@Eamon__ : ask them what the best track off the new album is? In their opinion
Fraser : my personal favourite song off Bones is a song called Everything Ends

@BleedingAway : What’s your favourite Christmas song?
Fraser : Carol of the bells, purely because of home alone

@allthestorms : What’s the best Christmas present you’ve ever received?
Fraser : Sega Megadrive, best day ever!

@comfortindecay_ : who could eat the most mincepies? Or sprouts…
Simon : thought you’d never ask. We all love a good mince pie

@ScottyHolbein : Hey Young Guns! Are you guys excited to tour with enter shikari?
Young Guns : hell yes! Great band, great dudes and it’ll be a great tour!

@lorabob_ : will you please play meter and verse in February?
Young Guns : we’ll think about it

@allthestorms : are you planning on playing any new songs in Hatfield next week? This is a request for “Bones” to be played too please!
Simon : yeah we’ll be throwing a couple in, it’ll be a surprise!

@AmyVictoria_xx : what do you all want for Christmas?
Gus : I want as many pre orders of “Bones” as humanly possible!! Hint hint.

@Ameliarrhh : What was your favorite thing about Adelaide?
Gus : the show was great, beautiful city! Nightclub with the other bands ruled too.

@dobbyna : what about any EU TOUR news for Czech Republic?
Gus : we want to come back at some point in 2012 – keep an eye on our tour dates! Love it there.

@gloryh0le_ : you said you wanted you’re second album to be classy, what do you mean by that exactly?
Gus : to be written and a bit more focused and refined than the 1st. It sounds like a band more sure of who they are.

@InesBel : What can we expect from the new album?
Gus : bigger and better. The songs are next level, real progression from AOKAD. Can’t wait for you to hear it.

@Azamatic66 : Did you imagine coming this far and releasing not one album, but soon to be two?????
Young Guns : We really didn’t! It surprises us every day!

@letoackles : What madr (???) you go blonde??
Gus : wanted a change. Skin head up next. Ha ha.

@lorabob_ : what’s the best gift you’ve ever received from a fan?
Young Guns : a book full of stuff from fans, was awesome!

@RachelBROwen : How do you take your steak?
Ben : rare always! Had on yesterday, really niiiice.

@KirstyYoungGuns : you guys should come toy school and play like right now? (not a question but yet)
Young Guns : on our way!

@gay4gustav : would any of you ever date a fan? Specifically Gustav. I’m single…
Young Guns : what’s your number? You’re in there
@gay4gustav : I'd rather not give my number out on twitter but if you give me your address I'll be over in a tick!

@BabyFratelliP : weren´t you afraid of complicated album nr.2?I mean,it´s always an important step-you´ll define yourself as a band...
Young Guns : we were excited more than anything. Really happy with it.

@AndiChrist999 : whats it like seeing fans with young guns tattoos?
Ben : it's incredible, such a thrill. We want to see more!

@KirstyYoungGuns : what are your fav sweets/chocolates .. I'm getting you guys thank you stuff for feb (: xx
Young Guns (Fraser??? LOL) : all of them! Get them alll.

@Yagnah : Was there anything you liked in Poland in Poznań and/or Warsaw...? ;D
Young Guns : yea Poland's awesome, the fans!

@MelissaPenfold : what bands/artists influenced you growing up?
Young Guns : Metallica, Foo Fighters and many more

@rachelymas : as a band where would you like to be 5 years from now?
Ben : bloody massive!

@burningamberr : Enter Shikari crowds are the best kind of crowds, looking forward to the tour?
Young Guns : yea they're amazing, watched them at the Ballroom awhile back and we were blown away. Can't wait.
@burningamberr : I can't wait for you guys to blow me away.
Young Guns : that sounds dodgy...

@Yanou__ : is there gonna be another headline show in Amsterdam/Holland in general soon? Smile
Ben : hopefully soon, we'll be back supporting soon anyway.

@FireworksCaity : What's the best tour prank you've been a part of?
Young Guns : changed We Are The Ocean intro to the Tellytubbies theme tune. Was brilliant.

@CandaceYSmith : favourite gig you've played ever?
Fraser : supporting All Time Low and Yellowcard at Brixton

@girlyrockerr : I preordered "BONES" and I wonder if there is a big difference between this album and the first one ??
Fraser : it is quite different but it definitely sounds like a YG record

@CandaceYSmith : best song to play live?
Fraser : my favourite is DOA, always fun

@siaanlike : after your your with Enter Shikari fancy coming out to see the fans?
Fraser : of course! We always do as much as we can

@SynysterZebraYG : did you guys ever watch the dvd that @leannesturrock made you of all us fans? Smile
Young Guns : yeah bruv! We've still got in our practice room

@siaanlike : opinions on one direction? Lol
Fraser : gus' favourite band. The only direction I want them go in is as far away from me as possible

@NinjaBreadErica : just wanted to say that because of yg I've gotten to know so many awesome people and I will be forever grateful Smile
Young Guns : awesome!

@AutumnBlitz : What do you think about fan art? X
Fraser : it's rad to see, there's a lot of talented people around

@siaanlike : what got you into music?
Fraser : my dad was constantly playing music when I was a kid. Plus it's the best thing in the world

@mynnaaaaah : favourite city?
Fraser : London, we love that we get to see loads of cities around the world but London will always be no.1

@Dan_Bridges : what tip would you give to a skint underground band trying to achieve their dream?
Fraser : keep playing as many shows as possible and be prepared to be skint for a few years to come!

@darkenf : Is John there? Can he reply to me please?
John : no.

@Yanou__ : what's your favorite band/artist at the moment? Smile
Fraser : always Thrice!

@A_Daggar : please tell me you guys are doing a London singing next year?
Simon : I guess you mean signing? If so, you'll hear some news soon!

@AndiChrist999 : what are your fave tracks from the new album?
Simon : dearly departed, towers and broadfields

@Chloe_YG : will you come back in Strasbourg? Smile
Simon : we hope so!

@darkenf : From the scale of 1 to 100, rate Bones.
Simon : 100.

@eimmasdavies : favourite festival to play? gotta be reading!
Simon : Reading festival all the way.

@comfortindecay_ : can someone explain where Si's twitter name came from?
Simon : it's from a song called "I Saved Latin" by my fav hardcore band American Nightmare and a quote from the film "Rushmore".

@eieieileen : fav show in holland ever?
Simon : melkweg every time!

@swaymeatsix : will you come down to bali please??Sad
Simon : absolutely!

@SleepInACoffin : If you could work with any band/artist, who would it be?
Simon : that's a tough one. John says Andrew WK.
@SleepInACoffin : First album you ever bought?
Simon : Green Day – Dookie.

@gabiisbad : your opinion about Simple Plan?
Simon : great dudes.

@Chloe_YG : which band would you like to tour with?
Simon : Metallica or Blink 182.

@siaanlike : last book you read?
Gus : Kafka on the shore.

@AutumnBlitz : If you weren't in a band, what would you guys be doing? Still something music related?
Gus : trying to be in a band probably.

@iloveTTband : whats your favourite song to perform live?
Gus : changes all the time. Learn My Lesson right now.
@iloveTTband : if you could meet anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?
Gus : Einstein!

@swaymeatsix : your favorite british bands?
Gus : so many good ones. Enjoying The JCQ and The Joy Formidable at the moment.
@swaymeatsix : do you have any songs you wish you could forget that you'd ever written them? Haha
Gus : yes!

@girlyrockerr : are you going to have some awesome shows in Leeds (England) or in Poland this summer?
Gus : for sure.

@LitaLaiho : young guns!!! ^^ do your songs have personal meanings?if so which ones mean the most to you? Smile
Gus : cos I write the lyrics they all do for me. Broad fields on the new album

@veronica_nica : Do you have any favourite quote? Smile
Gus : the gutter/stars Oscar wilde.

@MelissaPenfold : fave movie?
Gus : Jurassic park

Young Guns : That's it guys, thanks for hanging with us! YG X

Quote :

@KerrangTV : Thanks to @YoungGunsUK for taking over our twitter!! [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Quote :
Young Guns : Thanks to @KerrangTV for having us and thank you guys for all the questions!
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[01/12/2011] Young Guns take over the @KerrangTV twitter
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