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 [09/08/2012] Young Guns take over the Reading Festival and Leeds Festival Facebook pages

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[09/08/2012] Young Guns take over the Reading Festival and Leeds Festival Facebook pages Empty
PostSubject: [09/08/2012] Young Guns take over the Reading Festival and Leeds Festival Facebook pages   [09/08/2012] Young Guns take over the Reading Festival and Leeds Festival Facebook pages Icon_minitimeSun Aug 12, 2012 2:14 am

On Reading Festival Facebook page

Quote :

- Our favourite album right now is The Gaslight Anthem

- We love pineapples

- Q: What is the most beautiful place in which you played?
A: Thun in Switzerland

- The longest in the shower is definitely Gus

- Our favourite song to play live is Bones at the moment, changes all the time

- Favourite thing to do when we're not touring is eating shit loads of food

- Two of the songs we'll definitely be played at Reading are Bones and Headlights

- Our favourite german food is deffo the Bratwurst

- We'd love to collaborate with Dave Grohl, I'll text him now

- We are planning another video from the album

- The best deodorant is Dove, plain and simple

- 3 things we always need on tour are beer, clean underwear and bama

- We're planning some DJ sets and things for october, more details soon

- Got some new girls vests coming soon!

- Favourite non alcoholic drink is root beer

- I like pizza so much because it's the best food there is (Fraser)

- John probably smells the best

- Ben stinks

- We haven't filmed the next episode of Jonathan Earthworld yet but we definitely will soon

- Probably the weirdest/coolest gift was the homemade Kerrang award

- Dearly Departed and Towers were the most fun we've had apart from Gus, the rest of us spent all day at the beach and at Universal Studios

On Leeds Festival Facebook page

Quote :

- Thrice are and will probably always be my favourite band (Fraser)

- We love the YMA6 boys, and good friends of ours

- Family guy over American Dad any day

- We've achieved a lot this year but we're hungry for more. Heading over to the US after R&L for our first ever tour over there

- We make all of our songs as shit as possible to annoy you

- We would love to have done a collaboration with Michael Jackson. All big fans

- The band we would most love to support on tour is Foo Fighters

- We will continue to tour as much as possible all around the world

- The thing we love most about being in a band is writing music and travelling the world

- I'm sorry to anyone I fall on. Sorry (Gus)

- Most of us still live around High Wycombe

- We haven't got any plans to come to Ireland at the moment, but we will always push for it every time we tour. We love playing in Ireland

- We'd love to tour with Deaf Havana again, we love them

- You'll have to come to a show and see whether we play You Are Not

- When we're writing a song it changes every time. Sometimes the music comes first, sometimes the lyrics or the melody comes first

- We have starting writing album no.3 but it's very early days at the moment, mainly just ideas

- Japan was an incredible experience for us, but the UK is still the best place to play shows

- We all love animals!! We love cats and dogs

- There are downsides to being on tour, it's hard work but fundamentally it's the best thing in the world

- Gus is just taller than John

- First album I ever bought was a cassette of Use Your Illusion II (Fraser)

- Ben and Si are definitely in love

- We can remember all the gigs we've done unless I'm forgetting one

- Ben had pet pirhanna called Hillary and Susan

- Biggest achievement as a band : we've been lucky and done some great things in our time. playing Reading and Leeds main stage in 2010 was a big deal, as was recording in Thailand. Can't wait to kick off our american touring campaign too

- We'll always hang out with people that like our band. That won't change no matter what

- It sounds cheesy but we're looking forward to every date on our tour. It will mark the end of a great album campaign over here in the UK for us. Will be the best shows we've ever played for sure

- To all our Brazilian fans, we wanna come and play there, hopefully one day

- Cheesecake is better than muffins

- Q: Acoustic album whilst we're waiting for number 3?
A: maybe

- Fraser can speak a bit of german

- I don't like cakes reallu (Fraser)

- We have loads of different influences. We all love Michael Jackson, 80s pop and stuff we grew up listening to like Green Day, Metallica etc... As a band we used to be influenced by Thrice a lot

- I'm the only one that wears glasses, they make fun of me (Fraser)

- Simon is terrified of heights

- Q: If I could organise a festival, who would you pick as three headliners?
A: One Direction, S Club 7 and Steps. Ultimate
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[09/08/2012] Young Guns take over the Reading Festival and Leeds Festival Facebook pages
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